[rescue] Do you remember when? Security software.....

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Tue Aug 12 23:13:20 CDT 2003

> The thing is, the world cannot keep producing overseas and selling in
> the US.

"The world"? Do you mean "American Companies," US companies decided to
move production overseas, I do not believe it is "the world" to blame but
American companies.

The US can not expect to survive as a services based economy, it is
common sense... if production can be made cheaper elsewhere, it also
follows that services too can be offered cheaper else where. This was a
dangerous trend, and as long as MBAs in this country only care about short
term profits and behavior we will be screwed. Then again I have the
extreme view that MBAs are some sort of evil spawn....

 It can't happen indefinitely.  The world has been subsidized
> on the US economy for decades, even when we had a strong economy.

2 things to clarify here. I believe you got your sentence wrog: The world
has been subsidizing the US economy for years, not the other way around.
The US GDP is aroun $11 Trillion, its debt is $6 Trillion. That looks
pretty subsidiced to me.

> Haven't they considered that if the US economy collapses, their biggest
> market (their only market in many cases) is gone?

THEY? What about the US, American companies are the ones to blame on this
my friend. And a system that allows American companies to move labor and
production overseas, as well as setting headquarters in PO boxes in phony
locations so that these companies end up paying almost no taxes. But in
the end they end up getting millions in contracts and subsidies from the
US, this is pillage in the worst degree.

> What IT services is India going to support when US companies can no
> longer function?  Their people sure as hell can't afford anything.

The world is not just the US you know :).

> I believe in a world economy, but to a large extent each nation needs to
> be able to employ its people and support the locals as much as possible.

What do you think those Chinese and Indians are doing?

> And amen to the executive salary thing.  I'm sick of CEOs with
> multi-million dollar salaries and golden parachutes talking about
> how they can't compete without going offshore.

I am waiting to see CEO jobs being outsourced just for poetic justice.
Sorry John you will have to clear your executive chair... Rajeev will be
taking over your duties, he is telecommuting from Bombay and he only asks
for 1000 ruies per month an a big bossomed blonde American secretary. I
just made sense John, hope you understand... nothing personal it is just
the bottom line.

> > What a silly world.  Time to go drink and hit drums.
> I can't afford to do that any more.
> It's funny... a few months back I went to some old hangouts, and
> couldn't help but notice how empty they were.

Not to go off on a rant, but it has been mindblowing to me the amount of
denial from some Americans (media, politicians) about the actual shape of
the economy. I can usually gauge the state of the economy by traffic on the
880 and 101 in SV, and it doesn't make me feel better when I arrive 1/2 hr
early to my friends place when a couple of years ago I always arrived
fashionably late. It just feels weird, and I should be happy I am now on
time... but somehow I just do not see the joy. It is amazing to see an
Administration with no economic policy to speak of besides giving back
money to those who need it least, launching wars we can not afford, and
the only outrage I have seen is against the Indians and Chinese, oh lord
forbid that it was those "patriotic" American CEOs who shipped their jobs

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