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Shannon shannon at widomaker.com
Tue Aug 12 18:50:51 CDT 2003

On Tue, Aug 12, 2003 at 02:40:43PM -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:

> How did you do these measurements?  The only thing that I've been able
> to do on my systems is grab a clamp-on amp-meter on the line going to
> the PSU, and do the math from there.  I'd -love- to get some real
> numbers for my systems.

Most of the components should have their load ratings available.

If not, you can Google for some averages that other people have

For example, my CD-ROM said nothing, so I used the rating for a similar

> Any suggestions on a brand to buy?  I think I'm in need of a different
> PSU, but I haven't figured out how to check, and didn't want to shell
> out the money for a bigger PSU if it wasn't going to fix anything.

I got an Antec 430 watt TruePower. It was $99 I think, but I had no
choice but to pay the local price rather than shop online because my
machine was failing.

I like it, and it is quiet and has plenty of power for my system and
some planned upgrades, plus a little headroom.

My only complaint is the wire bundle was a little unruly. I'm going to
move to a new case soon as I find it in stock, and I plan to visit the
store and check to see if another of the same model is like that. If
not, I'm going to make them swap it. If they are all like that, its not
a fatal flaws, just not as neat and tidy as I think it could be.

PC Power and Cooling makes good but expensive stuff, and there are
others. You can usually find reviews on the web, but many reviews are a
little shallow. It will take awhile to find some that you can trust.

Empircally, I hear good things about Antec and PC Power and Cooling,
and another one I cannot remember.

Probably the CompUSA high-end PSU is good, but it costs about the same
as an Antec or a PPC. A couple of people told me they used a pair of the
600 watter CompUSA high-end PSUs in a server and it was fine.

I really wanted to get a 600watt Antec, but was $130 and I just didn't
have the money to spend right now. Might be a mistake, but by my
calculations I can add RAM, a faster CPU, and 3 hard drives to this
chassis without a problem, and those are my only plans.

Even if a new system used more power, I can use this PSU because I end
up doing a lot of system builds for friends and family.

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