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Tue Aug 12 19:22:57 CDT 2003

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003, Shannon <shannon at widomaker.com> wrote:

> I do my resume in LaTeX, and use a Makefile to build it. Years ago I
> modified it so that "make -DFUNNY" would create a humorous version, and
> I sent it to friends. You know, with an OBJECTIVE section that reads: I
> want to chase women and drink beer for money.

Good work if you can get it! :-)

> I made a mistake one time on the GENERAL section, which caused it to
> print the humorous version, and I was in a hurry and didn't proofread
> it.
> Here is what it said [*]:


Oh man, that was *brilliant*.  Damn, there's a spare Type5 around here 
somewhere... :-)

> I have been hired twice with nothing but a phone interview, and 've
> I never worn a tie to an interview, and I even fold my arms!

Exactly.  In fact, when I'm interviewing people for technical positions, 
I'm usually highly skeptical when they _do_ wear a suit...

> The phone interviews were actually shocking. Recruiter calls, either
> external or company internal, and set up a phone interview. I do that
> and the people say we need to meet face-to-face. Then like 30 minutes to
> 2 hours later, sometimes a full day, I get a call saying, "Can you come
> in to work this Monday?"

That's nuts.  Like you'd accept the job without even seeing the place?

Things have certainly changed over the years.  I've a friend who's been
laid off from 14 different purchasing/accounting jobs in her career, both
in the SF Bay Area and here in Portland - they're usually hit hardest when
the coke-addled graph paper-brained subgeniuses on mahogany row decide to
third-world-nation... uh, sorry, went off a little there...

Anyway, it's been phenomenal to see how lazy HR departments have become.  
10 years ago you'd send out a resume and even if they didn't call for an
interview she'd always get a card or letter back saying "Thanks, we'll
keep you on file for 90 days," etc.  Then those stopped coming, because
y'know, a couple of postage stamps and some form letters to maintain even
basic civility and courtesy isn't "cost effective."  (Paying the corrupt
and/or incompetent CEO 7 or 8 figures is, somehow?)

So then she'd go on interviews.  Sometimes second and even third
interviews.  And then nothing.  No phone call to say "Sorry, we filled the
position."  No letter.  No nothing.  Never mind the *total* lack of basic
ethics in the business world these days, that's just fscking rude...

(Anyway, she's out looking again.  InFuckus shipped another n% of their
business offshore.)

But I think the "high-tech" world has always been a little skewed.  A
"real job" interview was usually 30 minutes of talking to the person who
was going to hire you, and they'd often make the decision right then and
there.  In the software bidness, you'd go through a DAY of meeting umpteen
different people for interminable 45-60 minute long segments, sometimes in
committee, and it was usually a 4-6 hour ordeal.  At least you usually get
lunch out of it.

What a silly world.  Time to go drink and hit drums.

-- Chris

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