[rescue] Sun Floppies Again

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>Subject: [rescue] Sun Floppies Again
>As a corollary to my earlier question, I have two others:
>1) Does anyone know if a standard PC floppy can be used in an Ultra 30/60/80?

Not sure.... I have a U60, but alas, no floppy to compare it with.

There are different part numbers for a U60 floppy vs U5/10.

The FE handbook calls the U60 floppy drive a "manual eject" floppy drive.

So, there is hope a standard drive would work in it.

>2) Does the Ultra 30/60/80 use a twisted floppy cable, or a straight-through 

also a good question... the FE handbook doesn't indicate (or picture)
this.  Most Sun systems historically used a straight through cable
with the drive set to the first ID.

However, many floppy drives are now being made fixed to the second ID
to be used in PeeCee systems.... so Sun may or may not have switched to
using the flip.  U10 systems have a cable with a flip.

If you find out... let me know.

I'd imagine you'll need to reboot -- -r to created the floppy devices ??
(not sure on this, as obviously a floppy drive is NOT an intelligent
device (or at least these aren't... I've heard SCSI units exist... they
would be)).

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