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>hmmm... sounds like... "we want 5 yrs of Java experience" for every Java
>programming job posted.... yet if nobody ever gives you a shot, you can't
>ever get the 5 years of Java programming experience.....


>With this mentality, the pool of Java (or other technology) programmers
>would never enlarge :-) ...
>My favorite one is 6+ years or more of Java programming.... jeez... Java
>hasn't been popular for hardly more than that.... what are they looking
>for an ex Sun employee who coded Java :-) ?

My fave: 

"All required skills below must have at least 6 years of ACTUAL experience. These people will be providing assitance to XXXXX XXXX Initative Group.

Required Skill 1: Struts, Struts Framework
Required Skill 2: XSL"

Ha! I actually received one in my inbox that referred to "8 years of J2EE and EJB programming." I called the recruited back and the conversation went something like this:

Me: "About this position, the requirements are, well, kind of bogus."
Recruiter: "The client is very specific. They want 8+ years experience in this area."
Me: "Ok, if you find someone with this kind of experience you've either got yourself a time-traveler, or the individual who thought it all up over at Sun. This stuff just hasn't been around that long."
Recruiter:"The client is very specific."
Me: "Riiiiiiight."
Recruiter: -Click- <dialtone>

I can only imagine that these people have someone in mind, but have to post the job as a requirement. Then they jack up the skillset to an unobtainable level so that when the psoting has expired, they can offer it to a chum. I myself have used this tactic, I'm afraid. 



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