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>> * they require a security clearance which most of the 
>> workforce doesn't
>>   have
>> Sheesh...
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>	Now the catch 22 part of this. As a private individual you cannot
>apply for a clearance. I have searched high and low and have found no way to
>get one, even if I am willing to pay, anywhere by myself. So I cannot apply
>for those jobs which blocks me out of 50% of the jobs available in this
>area. So you have a situation that they will not hire you because you have
>no clearance, but you cannot get a clearance until you get the job.....

hmmm... sounds like... "we want 5 yrs of Java experience" for every Java
programming job posted.... yet if nobody ever gives you a shot, you can't
ever get the 5 years of Java programming experience.....

With this mentality, the pool of Java (or other technology) programmers
would never enlarge :-) ...

My favorite one is 6+ years or more of Java programming.... jeez... Java
hasn't been popular for hardly more than that.... what are they looking
for an ex Sun employee who coded Java :-) ?

-- Curt

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