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Michael A. Turner mturner at whro.org
Tue Aug 12 13:30:20 CDT 2003

> * they require a security clearance which most of the 
> workforce doesn't
>   have
> Sheesh...
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	Since I just figured out that we are in the same work force I
thought I would elaborate on this for the others here that might not be
facing the same thing. We are talking about the Hampton Roads area of
Virginia. Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth,
Suffolk, and Chesapeake are all in this area. This is one huge navy base
here. The largest navy port I do believe at this time. So most IT work is
derivative of some navy contract, with a mix of NASA thrown in for good
	A lot of the jobs around here require that you have at least a
Secret clearance in order to work for them. Three years ago they would pay
to have you get the clearance but now you must have it in advance.
Apparently it costs around $15K to get an employee the clearance and takes
something like 6 months. 6 months of the employee sitting in a cube doing
nothing because you cannot let him see any part of the project until he has
the clearance. Companies are no longer willing to sponsor for clearance as
the common thing was to get the clearance and then leave for another job
that paid more because you already have the clearance. Due to this no one
sponsors for clearances anymore, but everyone wants you to have one. 
	Now the catch 22 part of this. As a private individual you cannot
apply for a clearance. I have searched high and low and have found no way to
get one, even if I am willing to pay, anywhere by myself. So I cannot apply
for those jobs which blocks me out of 50% of the jobs available in this
area. So you have a situation that they will not hire you because you have
no clearance, but you cannot get a clearance until you get the job.....

Michael A. Turner
Systems Engineer WHRO
michael.turner at whro.org

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