[rescue] Do you remember when? Security software.....

Michael A. Turner mturner at whro.org
Tue Aug 12 13:19:28 CDT 2003

> This is in Norfolk, right?  WHRO?  How long have you been 
> there, and how
> long has your boss been there?

	I have been here almost three years, since I got layed off from
	{strains of it's a small world after all start in the background)
	boss has been here 9 years but started out as a guy who moved
scenery around, then as a video editor, then worked my position under his
mentor. After the mentor left he moved up and I was hired. I think part of
the problem is that he is afraid to change anything because he cannot fix it
if it does break.

> I used to work not far from WHRO, at InfiNet, and we had the 
> same issue
> during Y2K.  Most of our software was immune, and we knew which parts
> needed fixing.  
> I wrote a report on our software, what needed fixing, etc.
> Not good enough for management.  They wanted to see software and
> "experts" working on it.  The software I had to evaluate was 
> almost all
> Windows only, and the UNIX stuff usually started out at $10K 
> and went up
> from there.
> They hired an ex-military paper-pusher to do the evaluation. 
> I left InfiNet and a year later a friend of mine gave me the final Y2K
> report.  It was 50% or more my original "not good enough" paper, with
> small additions by the "expert".  My name was not on it anywhere.
> The whole Y2K thing caused all kinds of stupid panicking like that.
> This disease was widespread.
> -- 
> UNIX/Perl/C/Pizza____________________s h a n n o n at wido !SPAM 
> maker.com

	(it's a small world after all rises to a cresendo)

	That is EXACTLY the dude I was talking about LOL! The ex-military

	I used to work the midnight to 8 am shift doing tech support as the
supervisor of the shift. Were where you at?

Michael A. Turner
Systems Engineer WHRO
michael.turner at whro.org

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