[rescue] Wireless (GPRS) connection speeds

Eric Dittman dittman at dittman.net
Tue Aug 12 12:37:24 CDT 2003

> If you end up going with wireless GPRS, look into Nextel.
> You are guaranteed 19.2, and with the unlimited plan (assuming
> you do not need a routable IP), you can get perceived speed of
> up to 56k because of compression.  And you won't have to sign a
> 2yr contract to get that.  Nextel has two different channels on
> their network, one for voice and the other for data (GPRS), which
> is how they can guarantee the 19.2k.

Sprint also has wireless data.  If you buy the right phone and data
cable, you can use your phone as a wireless MODEM with unlimited data
transfer.  The non-Vision phones only do 14.4K, but the Vision phones
do much better.  I don't bother with dialup anymore since the Vision
transfer rate is higher than 56K.
Eric Dittman
dittman at dittman.net

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