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Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Mon Aug 11 14:50:17 CDT 2003

>From: "Michael A. Turner" <mturner at whro.org>
>> errr... a cert chaser eh ?
>> <soapbox>
>> I hate certs and how cert crazy employers have become....
>> I can get any damn cert they want me to....  but they need to pay
>> for it.... I know my abilities, and certs (or lack thereof) don't
>> prove crap about someones abilities (most of them don't anyway).
>> I sometimes wonder if I'm having a tough time getting 
>> interviews because
>> I haven't gone the route of certs...  wish I'd have known 
>> they would be
>> so damn important... I wouldn't have bothered with a college education
>> (the original "cert").  Make me pretty damn mad.
>> </soapbox>
>> -- Curt
>	I have found that all the certs do is get you in the door for the
>interview. It gives the HR drones something to look for when they are
>filtering the resumes to pass on. I have started scanning the help wanted
>adds and looking for the most requested certs and getting the books to study
>those. The problem is I know, and you know, how useless they really are
>which brings my motivation down. I should just go sit one and break my
>cherry, pass or fail. 

I'm curious as to what certs you see... if you do MS stuff at all, I
can safely assume MCSE is there... if you do router stuff, then CCNA,
CCDP, etc...

>	Part of the problem is that there are to many people with college
>degrees. SOOOOO many of them are being generated these days for little or no
>benefit that a college degree has replaced the high school degree for
>getting a job. 30 years ago a high school degree meant something towards
>getting a job and a BS was something special. Now a high school graduation
>is the minimum and that the BS is expected. This has degraded their value.

How many people are there with Master's degrees ?  I have one of those
and I still can't seem to get interviews.... (I've sent out over 100
resume's, and have only have one interview !).

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-- Curt

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