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Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Mon Aug 11 13:14:55 CDT 2003

>From: "Michael A. Turner" <mturner at whro.org>
>	/me looks left and right.
>	Here is some more dirt since I am dishing. One of the big things we
>do is provide bandwidth to the local school districts. there are 13 major
>ones we deal with and a lot of private schools. Part of our mandate and
>such. Help them get there E-rate discounts. 
>	The Dirt is that the vast majority of them are operating the same
>way. At least most of the private schools are and at least half the public
>school districts. We are talking about a DS3 worth of bandwidth split out to
>massively under defended machines spread around systems run by admins that
>until 5 years ago were the shop teacher, or the teacher who could not teach,
>and got drafted into IT because the union would not let them be fired. I
>have one guy I deal with on a regular basis that has a certification for
>Novell 3. That's it. No other education and experience. Once he started
>running Novell 4 and above he contracted that work out. Yet he is the
>network/ systems admin for a very large private school.

You work on Korea ? :-)

>	I know this because I am the one they call when it fails. I have
>cleared so many hacked machines that I cannot keep count. I have helped to
>find a kiddie pornographer and have him prosecuted. One school district
>there are only three people in IT and one of them is a Mac only specialist
>who occasionally will wander off and swap out a switch or router and then
>not configure them. Refuses to touch PC which swamps the other tech people
>to the point that they cannot do anything else but flounder. 
>	Sigh, thanks for letting me vent.

Me thinks its time to find another employer.....  either that or get
ahold of someone high enough up the food chain, and show them how much
money they are losing through downtime, overtime, lost data, etc that
they could fix for free to cheap depending on the technologies used to
repair the problem.

To say that these networks are accidents waiting to happen is an
understatement.... my guess is they are continual train wrecks...

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