[rescue] Racks and other stuff in NH. (Sparcprinter, drive arrays)

laz at moaa.net laz at moaa.net
Mon Aug 11 13:19:37 CDT 2003

Hi folks, 
  The garage is overflowing, and I'd like to get rid of some stuff..
  have a SparcPrinter laserprinter and the sbus card for it, but not
  the cable.

  have a set of 4ft high racks, 2wide, with a set of sides.
  and a 5ft single rack, removable sides.

  have 2 NetApp drive arrays, takes FC-AL drives, interface is the 
  DB9 fibre over copper. each array has 1 power sled and 7 drive sleds,
  no drives.

  still have those SGI Drive arrays, take SCA drives and has a differential
  bridge card in them.

  and if you're really interested, maybe even a Hammond Organ..
  (friend storing in my garage for a weekm mused about selling it..)


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