[rescue] Apple II boot and other disks

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Mon Aug 11 12:14:45 CDT 2003

Michael A. Turner wrote:
> more of a controller problem. I don't know if those drives had separate
> write heads in them but I seem to recall that they did not. So if the drive
> can read correctly then the head is tracking. Something had to make it go to
> track 00 and write over it. I always figured that Apple ][c got poorly
> designed chip, or a manufacturing flaw, and that was what cause this
> problem.

I've seen that problem with two causes:

1. Connecting the drive cable upside down. Power on the system and it will
   destroy track 0. Write tab or not.

2. When using CP/M (and it may also happen in apple dos, I don't remember).
   if you get a write fail message due to the disk being read protected,
   the next disk put in the drive would be trashed.

   The only safe way to recover was to power off.

This was ALL Apple II systems.

Before I left the U.S. I sold my Mac LC with IIe card and 5 1/4 drive. :-(


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