[rescue] Apple II boot and other disks

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Sat Aug 9 22:22:12 CDT 2003

I know that Apple II's are not a very glorious rescure, but since
Walter had asked, and I sort of had one at one time, I thought it
would be useful for me to track them down.

I say that I sort of had one, as I originaly had a Franklin Ace 1000,
and built a few Ace 1200's from parts for my family. My wife had a
IIgs (which is not really a Apple II) when we met. I later bought
a Macintosh LC with an Apple IIe card in it.

I started to research Apple II computers and put a note out on a local
maling list (if you don't know by now, I'm in Jerusalem) freqented 
by "anglos", mostly from the U.S.  In less than 24 hours I was offered
an Apple  IIc for free. :-)

The IIc was a small one peice unit. In the movie 2010, someone was seen
sitting on the beach using one, I guess they did not have laptops.

But back to reality. I'm hoping the IIc comes with boot disks, the
person who offered it to me wasn't sure, or someone else has them. I may
have them but the disks are in my basement and until tommorow morning I
have a house guest sleeping there.

I found an ftp site, apple.asimov.net, that has images of hundreds of 
Apple II disks. Hopefully I'll be able to boot the computer, and
copy the boot disks. The original IIc had unreliable serial ports. :-(

It seems the best way to get the images to real disks is to load them
on a Mac LC with a IIe card and a 5 1/4" drive. Oh well, no use crying
over sold computers, 7 years and 6000 miles ago. 

More later when I get the computer, and Walter if I get boot disks
and can copy them for you, your IIe will not stay unbooted.


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