[rescue] Sun Rays

Michael Dombrowski ab1244 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 9 13:16:03 CDT 2003

> Has anyone used Sun Rays?  I picked up a few on ebay
> (35$ each + 15$
> shipping, not a bad deal) to play with, and am
> wondering what all I'll
> need.  Do they require smart cards?  Sun docs imply
> not, but I'm not
> totally sure.  Can I get away without any licenses,
> or does the software
> actually check for those?  Any pitfalls?
> 	Thanks
> 		Nick

Just got my Sun Ray 100 up and running using Server
2.0 software, they are quite nice. Do not require
smart cards, I don't have any to play around with but
any ISO SC shoud work. No licenses needed. Only
problem I had with mine was the autoconfigure setting
for the monitor resolution not properly keeping set
after I set it. But I eventually got it working,
somehow. I'm running my Sun Ray off an AXi(360mhz,
2mb, 512mb, rackmount for $70 shipped!) using a FDDI
connect as my main interface so I use the HME as
dedicated for the 'Rays which makes configuring them
easy as pie. It is possible to use a single interface
for Sun Ray and system connect, and it is even
possible to use a third party DHCP server but I don't
know how. Given that PCI HMEs are like $30 on Ebay
now, I would suggest picking an extra up to save
yourself hassle. All in all, initial setup was under
an hour.

The 'Ray is very nice to use, it appears just like
another head on the Sun. Audio is supposedly
transparent although I have not tried it out yet. I am
piping my SunPCi display to it which is very cool.
Performance is pretty good although I have no hit it
hard yet with Mozilla scrolling or anything like that.

Other than slight trouble with the monitor (which I
think may be because of improper DCC settings on it),
I have not had any issues with it and will probably
get a couple more.

Hope this helps.

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