[rescue] Removable boot...was: What to do with those USB "pen" drives...

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Fri Aug 8 23:38:51 CDT 2003

On Friday, August 8, 2003, at 11:36 PM, Kurt Huhn wrote:

> On Fri, 8 Aug 2003 23:23:19 -0500
> Mike Hebel <nimitz at nimitzbrood.com> wrote:
>> Hell, with the right system/motherboard bios you can probably run the
>> system entirely off of a non-parallel Zip drive. (0)  It would be
>> slower than normal but it would run.  You figure 2:1 (best case)
>> compression on the Zip-disk and you get approximately 180meg which
>> would make a nice simple NetBSD system.  Why you would want to do it
>> that way would be another matter entirely.
> Booting was rather slow, yes.  It was used mainly to help recover 
> b0rken
> Windows servers and do some network security testing while I worked for
> a conslutting company in CA (Hi guys!) when I didn't have a convenient
> Unix or Linux box dedicated to the purpose.

I remember only because Norton used to use this method when making 
restore disks on Windows boxes.  That and the fact that I used a 
parallel-port CD to try and install Linux on an old Zenith notebook 
with integrated ethernet.

Mike hebel

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