[rescue] Ultra 5

Frank Van Damme frank.vandamme at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri Aug 8 18:08:36 CDT 2003

On Saturday 09 August 2003 00:20, Carl R. Friend wrote:
> > So I thought about installing Solaris 9 (educational license -
> > it's good to be a student). There seem to be 2 means to install
> > Solaris for a single system - from cdrom or dvd or from the
> > network.
>    Yup.  Note that if you want full 64-bittedness you may have
> to do a flash upgrade.

I read something about enabling 64 bit apps in the online documentation...
(btw, docs.sun.com is a pleasure browsing).

>    Do you have *any* SCSI CD/ROM drives?  Or, for that matter, a
> SCSI DVD/ROM drive?  Hook that up and give it a go.  If you have
> a DVD/ROM drive and the OpenBoot bits don't grok a "boot dvdrom"
> command toss the "Installation" CD into the DVD drive, yell "boot
> cdrom" into the keyboard, and once it's booted shove the DVD in
> and go to town.  I had to do that to my SS-20.

Ultra5 has ide. I got a few ide cdrom drives, no prob.

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