[rescue] What to do with those USB "pen" drives...

N.Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Thu Aug 7 18:35:53 CDT 2003

On Thursday, August 7, 2003, at 03:50 PM, Frank Van Damme wrote:

> On Thursday 07 August 2003 20:51, N.Miller wrote:
>> I'm not a Linux geek.  I know what I know about it because
>> of work (and to maybe get another job), not because I *like*
>> to use it. :-)  I don't generally go looking for "cool"
>> Linux stuff.
> Aside from cool, Knoppix is also terribly useful :-)

Yeah, I can see how it would be.

> It just kinda surprises me, I thought every computer-litterate had at 
> least
> heard from Knoppix. Especially those who have to use single-boot
> sooper-useful windows boxen regularly.

Since I haven't had a "real job" or done any consulting
gigs in almost 1.5 yr. now, maybe that would explain it?


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