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Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Thu Aug 7 18:35:41 CDT 2003

On Thursday, August 7, 2003, at 07:06 PM, vance at neurotica.com wrote:
>> There were many many interesting and fast bus systems way before PCI
>> came around and evntually almost all vendors dropped those in favor of
>> it.
>> VME, TurboChannel, SBus, GSC, HP-PB, GIO, to name a few.
> Don't forget MCA.

   This is an excellent point.  It seems to be little known, but MCA 
evolved along with everyone else long after the PS/2 failed to become 
the world standard for anyone but the banking industry.  People seem to 
have labeled it a "PS/2 bus" and considered it obsolete for that 
reason, when in actuality it was widened and sped up to respectable 
levels like everything else.

   I didn't know this myself until Sridhar explained it to me a couple 
of years ago.  Later, more modern MCA is Good Stuff(tm).


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