[rescue] Anybody try this?

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Thu Aug 7 16:49:24 CDT 2003

Has anybody hooked up a 3/140 (bw) or 3/110 (3 bnc, color) to any type of 
"modern" monitor?
I'm trying to decide how to configure the 3/1XX box I'm building.  I would 
like to be able to run
SunView (there are some old Sun View games, and the like that I'd like to 
be able to use...so
serial won't cut it...) so I'm trying find out whether or not I'm gonna be 
stuck with a monitor JUST
for the 3/1XX or whether I can chain it off the switch box I have near 
it.  I can pick up another
Sun 20inch cheap enough, so I can get from the 13w3 to VGA (hd15 if I have 
it right) and back
from VGA to 13w3.  I tried that, and it worked ok...just took a couple of 
the right adaptors.
So, that gets me thru the switch box, and to a 13w3 connector.  I remember 
seeing 13w3 to
3 BNC connector adaptors (I had one back at an old job when we first got 
some, I think it
was 3/80's...and we had some of the big ol-honking Sun monitors with 3 BNC 
and Sun provided these as an option for connecting the newer plugs to the 
older monitors...)

Anyway, would one of those work?  (if I can find one...)   That would 
provide a cabling
solution to the 3/110 (not that it would necessarily WORK...that's the 
other question...)

Is there any hope at all on the BW 3/140?  I've got some Sun B/W monitors 
(I think
they're actually the monochrome ones...with 13w3 connectors as well...they 
work fine
on the color cards...just BW...dunno what they do, but they work)  The 
3/140 has a much
smaller connector..think it might be a hd15 or some such, but I didn't look 
at it closely
yet (and I'm not jumping to any conclusions after my SCSI doh! moment...)

Lastly, if I have the monitor, I'm also going to need a kbd and mouse, to 
get the
display usable...(do the old Sun 3's default to serial if they don't detect 
kbd?  I
don't remember....it's been a long while since I played with a Sun 3....)


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