[rescue] Total corporate madness (

Joshua D. Boyd jdboyd at celestrion.celestrion.net
Thu Aug 7 16:09:10 CDT 2003

On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 04:03:52PM -0500, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Aug 2003, Joshua D. Boyd wrote:
> > Nope.  But it could just be because I'm in a bad mood as well.  My boss
> > told me to type a command, that had the effect of wiping out a .c file
> > (I might have mistyped the command, but when he reviewed the bash
> > command history, he said I hadn't) that wasn't recently backed up (like,
> > not in months), which I'd been working on.
> You guys don't use CVS?  *fear*

I don't really know how to do more than check out and check in, and
nobody has provided any more structure to work in either.  I would take
the time to learn it (I even purchased a CVS book), but I don't have
enough personal time for this (currently), and work wants me to keep
working on the product, rather than less important things like backups
and setting up CVS (which one would expect would be the domain of the
sysadmin anyway, except he doesn't grok unixy things).
> > Oh, and I HATE AUTOCONF!!!!
> Ooooh!  Are you using the version that rewrites all your Makefiles if
> you make a change to them after running ./configure because autoconf
> fucked up the tests to begin with?  Autoconf must die.  I should spend
> this weekend working on that autoconf replacement I need for Europa.

No, I just can't figure out how to make changes in the overly complex
makefiles, and I can't figure out how to change configure script.  If I
had time, I'd rip out autoconf all together and make handmade files
since this is an internal tool anyway.  As it is, I've been removing
reliance on #defines built dynamically by autoconf.

Remember, these are tools one learns at the school I went to, so I'm
learning them as I have time and/or need.  Generally, I lack the time.

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