[rescue] Total corporate madness (

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Thu Aug 7 15:32:54 CDT 2003

On Thursday, August 7, 2003, at 01:15  PM, Dave McGuire wrote:
>   Linux on non-x86 platforms is also a "port of a 'very x86' OS".  I 
> like Linux (as I do FreeBSD) but only on x86 hardware.
I definitely agree with this one almost.... Linux is VERY good on 
PPC... probably because of IBM's help.  It is also the easiest to get 
up and running on Nubus PPC's.

My firewall/cable access point/NAT/DHCP box is a Powermac 8100/80AV.

It was funny how night and day it was going from 68k Linux on Quadra 
840AV to PPC Linux on the 8100.

This machine is easily 8 times as fast (it certainly feels like it)


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