[rescue] What to do with those USB "pen" drives...

Michael A. Turner mturner at whro.org
Thu Aug 7 10:15:21 CDT 2003

> In theory, I have yet to try this, you could boot a Mac and some PCs 
> from "removable media".  On Macs you should be able to 
> install OS 9 on 
> a 256M flash drive and designate it the startup disk.  I'll have to 
> check into this just out of curiosity.  Not sure how USB 
> booting would 
> affect boot speed though.
> Mike Hebel

	I just rebuilt my gaming machine at home with all new parts and the
BIOS on my new Gigabyte motherboard supports this kind of stuff. The Bios
has something like 15 different options for a device to boot from, it was
amazing. Checking the Online Manual  I see my choices are, for each of three
boot device selectors, Floppy, LS120, HDD0-3, SCSI, CDROM, ZIP, USB-FDD,
USB-ZIP, USB-CDROM, USB-HDD, and LAN. The SCSI setting then has the further
three options of booting from SCSI, RAID, or SATA. Giving this board a grand
total of 16 different boot options on three separate spots for a grand total
of 48 ways to boot. seems a bit extreme, but then again I like extreme.
	To the point, I bet if you set the BIOS to USB-HDD and put a thumb
drive in it would happily boot from it. 

Michael A. Turner
Systems Engineer WHRO
michael.turner at whro.org

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