[rescue] A5000 questions...

Mick Sheppard mick at tbcs.co.uk
Thu Aug 7 07:09:28 CDT 2003

Quoting Corda Albert J DLVA <CordaAJ at NSWC.NAVY.MIL>:

> First, what FC-AL interface
> card do I need to drive one of these... 

I've got one of these connected to an Ultra 2 with a Sun SBus card. The output 
from prtdiag gives the following info:

 0   SBus   25            3  SUNW,socal/sf (scsi-3)        501-3060

So I guess that the part number is 501-3060. I did have a JINI SBus card 
installed before I got hold of the Sun one. The Sun one gives a Veritas Volume 
Manager license when connected to the array and allows luxadm etc to work. The 
JINI card did give access to the disks but nothing else. I've got a few of the 
JINI cards lying around but can't remember the part number. I'll look at the 
weekend and let you know if you are interested.

I spent a while trying to track the Sun part down and in the end bought another 
Ultra 2 with the card in off eBay, took out the card and sold the Ultra 2.

> Also, does anyone know of a cheap source for FC-AL drives?
> I've seen quite a few on ebay, but I'm a bit nervous
> about buying hard drives on ebay... 

I bought a 10 pack of Seagate ST318304FCs from eBay seller 'corpsys' for 
$139.99. The drives came in a custom box with each drive in a plastic cover 
inside foam packing. The drives survived transport from the US to the UK with 
no problems at all. These show up as a mixture of NETAPP-X221_ST318304FC-NA06 
and NETAPP-X230_ST318304FC-NA29 under format. They sell a lot of drives on eBay 
and usually have auctions running for these disks.

> BTW, I just picked up an A5000 (no drives, but filled with
> sleds) from a local used equip. seller for $35.00, so you
> can use this as a price point (may be a bit low, though).

Good price. I paid $212 for mine, though it was full of 9.1GB Sun drives.

Mick Sheppard

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