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Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Wed Aug 6 21:52:24 CDT 2003

On Wednesday, August 6, 2003, at 05:57 PM, Joshua D. Boyd wrote:
> The marketing info I saw here indicated that the Spartan3 is roughly
> equivelent to the Virtex2, for only a few bucks more than the Spartan2.
> But, this certainly isn't my area of expertise.

   That may be why the big Virtexes are being sold on eBay. :-)

> In the context that I was originally speaking, a smallish FPGA
> (Spartan2, Spartan3, Cyclone, etc) is certainly cheaper than a
> reasonable CPU (say, Hitachi H8, which for us cost about as much as the
> 8051s do, for some strange reason) and lots of extra chips from what
> I've seen.

   I've been dicking with Xilinx XC9500-family CPLDs recently for work 
stuff.  It's my first real foray into programmable logic aside from 
PALs a decade ago...wow what a difference!  This stuff is *cool*.


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