[rescue] A5000 questions...

Corda Albert J DLVA CordaAJ at NSWC.NAVY.MIL
Wed Aug 6 15:36:51 CDT 2003

After following one of the concurrent threads that had
info on the A5000 for a while, I thought I'd ask a
couple of basic questions...  First, what FC-AL interface
card do I need to drive one of these... I know it's not
the one that drives the older storagearray boxes...
Also, does anyone know of a cheap source for FC-AL drives?
I've seen quite a few on ebay, but I'm a bit nervous
about buying hard drives on ebay... i.e. inadequate 
packaging when shipped by an individual, etc.  Anyone
had any bad/good experiences, or am I just being paranoid...

BTW, I just picked up an A5000 (no drives, but filled with
sleds) from a local used equip. seller for $35.00, so you
can use this as a price point (may be a bit low, though).
This reseller deals almost entirely in PCs, and thought
this was a SCSI box... when I pointed out the "wierd"
disk connectors, the price fell quite dramatically...

Also, any advice on getting this up and running will be
appreciated.  I'm considering using an Ultra2 as the host

-acorda at 1bigred.com

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