[rescue] Rare Mac apparently...

N.Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Aug 6 14:58:22 CDT 2003


Yesterday, while working with that audio head
that is selling most of a pro studio, we discovered
something I've never seen before, nor, for that
matter, ever seen anything about.

It's a dinky Mac IIci looking critter, but with a
plain Apple logo (the apple indentation with a dot
in the middle).

I can't find any references to it googling or at the
Apple website.  I must have mis-recorded the CPU model
number in my notes, because a search on it is showing
up Quadra 700, and it's not big enough to be a Quadra.

My SO claims to have read a review about the Spike
many moons ago and said it was in between the Lisa
and the Macintosh, but that sounds unlikely to me.

Suggestions for further inquiries if nothing else?

I also have a lot of esoteric Digidesign equipment
including PCI bus prototypes, some of which may work,
so if anyone is interested in those, or knows of a good
place to sell that kind of gear, I would appreciate
suggestions as well.


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