[rescue] Doh, I feel stupid

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Wed Aug 6 14:38:58 CDT 2003

Just an update.  I figured out what the adapter was on that SCSI 
drives....they are 68 pin drives.  The part that threw me was that the pin 
out on the top of the drive shows a 34 pin connector....which is there was 
as a SMALL connector under the FRONT edge of the drive....had I squinted a 
bit earlier I could have seen that the micro-print on the label described 
SCSI id, etc...instead I just went "Doh!  I feel stupid" last 
night....   That's what I get for not taking my time and looking over the 
drive a bit longer ....and counting the pins on the back was the way to 
figure it out.  (Thanks to Dave "Mr. SCSI" 8-) for what should have been an 
"obvious" thing to do )   Now I can continue the process of slowly moving 
to more of an "all SCSI" shop ......(though to be honest, I'll be running 
some IDE drives in PeeCee's for a while, I don't have enough controllers to 
make a 100% conversion, at least not right now...)  So, I can only aspire 
to be an all SCSI shop, "just like Dave" for a while yet....


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