[rescue] backup software

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Wed Aug 6 11:56:42 CDT 2003

Kevin wrote:
> Amanda?

Amanda has IMHO two fatal flaws. 

1. It needs a disk buffer for the tape.  If you have a 200 gig tape
   (yes I used to get 195 gig on a LTO tape), you need at least that much disk.
   If you want to write 2 tapes a night, you 400 gig.

2. It backups up files in a random sequence for example, if you have 
   a file that never changes, it will be backed up once a month if you
   are set up for monthly backups. Which day it does the backup is not
   easily predictable.

At my previous job, we went through 6-10 lto tapes a weekend and another
6-10 during the week. Some weeks had large data updates, some had large
programing updates which required a lot less to backup.

It was a very strange system. We were using HP dataprotector (aka omniback)
running on a solaris system as the "controller". The actual backup was
done on a linux system. We did it that way as we did not have the
correct scsi controler on the Sun and the controler software did not
run on linux.


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