[rescue] 48v 15 amp power supply kit?

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Wed Aug 6 09:50:46 CDT 2003

>> Me and a buddy and toying around with the idea of building a rack mount
>> AC-to-DC power supply.
>> We thought if there was enough interest we could throw some kits
>> together for other interested gear-heads.  We'd prolly have to see it 
>> as
>> a kit (minimal soldering and assembly), but most of the stuff would be
>> pre-fab.
>> Is this anything that people would be interested in?
>> What features would you like to see?
>   Definitely use a switching regulator.  But you probably already knew 

A 720W offline switcher kit?  Be sure and warn people to use an isolation
transformer during checkout, if they're gonna be 'scoping the waveforms!
I'd also check into the magnetics--might not be easy to get in the core
sizes in the (smallish) quantities you'll need, unless it's a wind-your-own

We recently bought a dozen or so industrial 110Vac to 24Vdc switchers
(10-20A), and looking at the board, I'm not sure that you can do a small
kit run for less than the cost of just buying them outright.


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