[rescue] Anybody remember MFM? (Durango Poppy II problem)

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Wed Aug 6 03:03:42 CDT 2003

Geoffrey S. Mendelson wrote:
> > I found a 'test disk' with some tools, but any tool that tries to
> > read/write the harddisk fails, so the controller is probably broke.
> Did you check the jumpers on the drive? MFM drives have jumpers too.

Yes I did. Terminated, drive #0. Looks ok.

> > Hm, then I guess I'm out of luck.
> I don't think so. If you have one of these so did someone else. You just have
> to have to wait for these things to come to you. Have faith, they will.

Hehe.. yes well that's what I'll probably do.

> I'll give you an example. I always wanted to try A/UX and never could.
> I got a copy of the software, but the only thing I had to run it on
> was an SE/30 with a flakey power supply and no network card. 

I have a Macintosh IIvi 5/80 on which I want to install A/UX but I
haven't succeeded. I can't seem to build a boot floppy that will install
A/UX from CD.

Also, I still have a Sun 386i that won't install from floppy, so I'm
looking for a dd-image of a SunOS install for 386i, prefarably on a
327MB drive.

Then there's the Apple IIe for which I don't have any (boot)floppies at	

And the Tadpole Sparcbook 3 for which I need an (internal) PSU.

And the Sinclair QL128 which has a broken keyboard membrane.

And the Sun Sparcstation 2 that does a series of tests and stops after
'Mapping RAM'.

Sigh ;-)

> To me, no network card makes a computer almost useless, no matter what OS 
> it runs.

My hobby is just collecting old/weird Unix systems and getting them to
run. I have too many to use them anyway. They just sit in the attic, and
occasionally somebody will 'visit the crazy man with all the computers
in his attic' and go oooh and aaah ;-)

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