[rescue] Insane HD price

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Aug 5 22:27:05 CDT 2003

Can't say anything about them (vendor), but I can say that be aware
that the ST19171WC is a 1.6 inch height drives.

The 1.6 inch height drives are always cheaper.  I've seen inch height
9 gig drives for $20ish... so I'm not surprised your seeing ST19171WC for
that (they tended to run roughly half the cost of an similiar inch height

-- Curt

>From: "Michael A. Turner" <mturner at whro.org>
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>Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 15:23:14 -0400 
>Subject: [rescue] Insane HD price
>	I am looking for some 9.1 GB SCSI SCA drives and came across this
>	http://www.softwareandstuff.com/h_65gbhdrive.html
>	Seagate ST19171WC, SCA 80 Pin Ultra SCSI Hard Drive. 9.1 GB,
>7200RPM, 9.7ms access time. Condition: New Pulls, Warranty 	30 Days
>	Price: $7.99 or 10Pk $74.99
>	Now I may be silly but that seems to be an INSANELY good price for
>sca hard drives. Approaching the too good to be true area. Does anyone have
>any experience with these guys? Will these work in spark gear? Inquirring
>minds want to know. 	
>Michael A. Turner
>Systems Engineer WHRO
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