[rescue] Ok, what kind of SCSI connector is this?

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Tue Aug 5 07:43:31 CDT 2003

> > Any pointers as to what type of SCSI interface
>    Uhhhh...you just typed it above.  It's a single-ended ultra fast wide
>SCSI-3 interface.  Sounds like a 68-pin connector, though...did you
>notice both rows?

Well, that's what I get for being sloppy.  I realize that I've got a 
"Single  Ended Ultra Fast Wide SCSI-3 Interface" drive.  However, I'm 
almost positive it has 34 pins, not 68. (according to the numbering on the 
picture...I'll physically count the pins tonight...and take a picture) 
That's what has me all confused.  I thought at first that it was SCA.  But 
the SCA drives I have for my U2 have the tongue and grove type 
connectors.  It almost looks like the connector on the back of the SS10, 
but that has 50 pins.   I found
a part number (4061-001073-006) but still no dice on Google (nor 
www.alltheweb.com...but it did think what I was doing was an arithmetic 
expression....a strange thing, didn't know the search engine tried to do 
"math" )

So, the $64K question still is "what kind of SCSI plug is this"? (instead 
of "interface"...)   I "think" the place I got this drive from might have 
been a Mac place....(and no, this isn't one of those SCSI connectors that 
looks like a Serial port....like the old Mac stuff....)  I checked 
and STILL don't see a picture that looks like it....I'd like to see 
pictures of the two types of SCA connectors, perhaps that is it (and I 
mis-read the pin out....but if I did, it's because it's the worst numbered 
picture I've ever seen...it had 1 on the lower right, and 34 on the left....)

> >  and more importantly...where I might be able to find an adapter of
> > some sort to make it usable on my SS10 or U2?
>    The Ultra2 will be a pain because of the way the bays work, unless
>you use an external chassis.  The SS10 will be fine but most of the
>speed of the drive will be wasted.  Adapters for these are readily
>available, cheaply, on eBay...I bought a couple of them a few weeks ago.

External chassis is going to be fine, I've got a pile of old Sun Shoeboxes 
that I can use.  One will probably take both of the drives I have here that 
are like this.
I also got a couple of the SCA adapters for some U2 drives (to see if I 
could fit them in the SS10...they will, but they're tight...Oh, and a 
lesson learned, You
NEED to put some black electrical tape or some such between the back of the 
50-pin to SCA adapter and the METAL part of the drive...I flexed one of 
mine, and the power
leads touched the METAL edge of the drive and shorted out the 
box.....thought I had toasted the system board at first...luckily it just 
put it into diag mode...)


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