[rescue] Will this work in my 3/140?

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Mon Aug 4 21:27:35 CDT 2003

I got a line on a 501-1236 VME card.  I've done some digging on the Sun 
System Handbook, and I know that it's a SCSI card...which I need...the 
question I have is whether this will work in my 3/140...it's not clear if 
it was supported with the boards I have.

My 3/140 has a 501-1208 CPU card, and a 501-1132 4mb card. According to the 
Handbook, the SCSI card that is listed with the 3/140 is 501-1138 or 
501-1217 (or perhaps 501-1045, for  the Sun 2 version).    This is more 
what I'd be interested in, since it's the listed part (I'm trying to 
re-build the 3/140 pretty much as it was....or to re-construct it as a 
3/110...it would be nicer to have the color graphics..)  That would mean 
I'd need a 501-1209 CPU board as well.  But that's not available from this 

Anyway,  I need a SCSI adapter to get it running, so is the right card, and 
will it work?
(it's gonna cost me $10 for packing and time plus shipping, so if someone 
on the list has a better deal, I'm all ears......BTW, I'm also interested
in a Sun type 3 keyboard and mouse....if someone has one, I'm in the market...)

(BTW, the person with the parts is in the SF area, and has some other 3/2XX 
parts...I can connect folks if anybody is interesting.....they're going 
into the dumpster unless someone picks them up..)   They also have 501-1153 
ethernet card (though the 3/140 already has a  ethernet AUI, so I've got no 
need for that...)


p.s. Also, I'm wondering what the maximum amount of ram I can plug into 
this (figuring that it's a single board solution.... unless there is one 
that is a dual SCSI and memory card....)

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