[rescue] 48v DC Netras

Steven Hill sjh at waroffice.net
Tue Aug 5 04:49:00 CDT 2003

> So there seems to be some good deals running around on these.  Heck the
> 10K drives alone are pretty decent...


> Has anybody had experiences with converting enough power to drive 3 or 4
> of these guys?

Yep. We picked up a http://www.48vdc.com/152.html to do it.

> Would a 15 amp converter do it?
> Know of a good place to pick one up?
> Is it worth it?


> Certainly would free up some space in "the obelisk" if I could replace
> some tower cases with these guys!

:-) Invest in some blinkenlights to fill the gaps.

Steven Hill

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