[rescue] Ok, what kind of SCSI connector is this?

Henry R. Bent hbent at cs.oberlin.edu
Mon Aug 4 17:17:13 CDT 2003

"Earl D. Baugh Jr." wrote:

> Any pointers as to what type of SCSI interface and more importantly...where
> I might be able to find an adapter of some sort to make it usable on my
> SS10 or U2?

After a quick look around
http://www.winsusa.com/product_detail2.asp?ProductID=P7P7 is the only thing that
seems promising.  I can't profess to know anything about the 34pin interface,
but it looks like it's just a split of the standard 68pin SCSI?

Henry Bent
hbent at cs.oberlin.edu

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