[rescue] RE: Cell Phones

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Mon Aug 4 15:58:02 CDT 2003

ATTWS will also let you upgrade/downgrade your plan (at least they let ME
do it....I'm on their Digital One plans....) I call them up, if I know I 
haven't crossed
one of the "boundaries" of minutes, and go with the cheaper plan that month.
I've probably changed my plan 8-10 times in the last two years...(I'm not
on any extended contract....actually I have only been one a "committed"
contract with them, or any other cell phone provider when I wanted a new
phone, and didn't want to shell out the cash up front...and yeah, I know
that isn't the cheap way to go...but it was the cash-flow way to go....and
hey, until number portability actually goes into effect, you're pretty much
locked into a vendor unless you LIKE changing your cell phone number...)


>They are the only cell company that will allow you to downgrade your
>service without extending your contract or paying a penalty.  You only
>ever pay for the first two phone activations on your account, too (i.e.
>max $70).
>They will try to upsell you, but they aren't as bad about it as everyone
>One note, if you pay insurance for replacement of your phone if it goes
>south after warranty, treat it like a car accident and record the who,
>what, where, when, how of the breakage, or they will not do the
>T-Mo is the only other company that will allow you to upgrade your
>sevice without tacking on an extension.

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