[rescue] Inserting Sun Memory

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Mon Aug 4 15:46:39 CDT 2003

Arthur wrote:

>then placing the 64meg sticks in place was just as bad - getting them
>seated required tapping in place with a small wooden hammer! nothing
>else would seat them.

Ah, you never received that special insertion tool that Sun provided.  I 
got one a few months after we some of our SS10's.....it came in a sun 
package, with a piece of cardboard explaining it's use.  It was...are you 
ready?....a piece of plastic.   On edge it looked something like at T, but 
it had a very short "leg".  It was the length
of a stick of ram.  At the bottom of the leg of the T was a small grove 
that ran the length of the piece of plastic, which you placed on top of the 
stick you were
inserting....it basically gave you a big flat piece to push down on...it 
definitely saved some wear and tear on the palms...

(Nadine mentioned getting some with SS20's...but I got one right after we 
got some SS10's...so I dunno what they were first released with...)

I still have mine....but I don't know if I still have the piece of 
cardboard, but I believe it actually had a Sun part number...


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