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Plus, what are the IRQ requirements for a card with 8 SATA conrollers
on it ?  Is it one IRQ per controller ! ? or per card ?  How do they
handle the IRQ issues with SATA (with ATA it was one IRQ per bus).

-- Curt

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>>>Actually it is an improvement.  This means you get the full SATA
>>>bandwidth to each drive; and the CDROM will no longer slow down the
>>>disk transfers.  Having 4 or more controllers on board in each system
>>>means you can instantly do 3-drive software RAID.
>> True. If I'm not mistaken, scsi allows 256 commands to be sent to the drive 
>> once, IDE only one. Moreover, the controller has to wait for a reply to come
>> back in order to sent the next command, even if it is for the other disk of
>> the 2. So place 2 disks on the same cable and they start fighting for
>> bandwidth.
>And with SCSI, I only need *one* controller to instantly do RAID... I 
>don't think having to purchase one controller per drive in order to 
>overcome *one* of the IDE protocol's shortcomings is an improvement. To 
>duplicate even a narrow SCSI setup, you'll need to buy seven 
>controllers. I know they come 2, 4, 8 to  a card, but they ain't givin' 
>away them 8-controller ones...
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