[rescue] good spring cleaning

John Mothershead john at backyardtech.com
Mon Aug 4 13:11:10 CDT 2003

I'm not sure of the volume, but the bottle is about 2' long, and 6" or so in
diameter. The regulator was a remanufactured (Used) one. It's not all shiny,
but it works great.

 I don't really own the bottle. It's an exchange. I opened an account, paid
a deposit on the bottle, then when it's empty I bring it back and they
exchange it for a full one. I pay only for the gas + a small filling fee,
though I don't remember what it is off hand.

-- John

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> On Monday, August 4, 2003, at 12:10 PM, John Mothershead wrote:
> > For those who have used compressed air, do you have a problem with
> > moisture
> > in the air?
> >
> I don't, but I have a water trap on my compressor.  Once in a while I
> have to empty it, but those days are few.
> >   I bought a nitrogen bottle and a regulator at the local
> > welding/compressed
> > gas dealer. Initial cost was a bit steep, $125 or so, I don't remember
> > what
> > refills are, but no to bad. I get a nice regulatable stream of dry gas.
> > Works great!
> >
> That's the best stuff for inexpensive and portable compressed air
> source.  I hate to bring up the paintball subject again, but HPA
> systems filled from a nitrogen tank are sometimes necessary depending
> on your marker.
> How big is your bottle?  $125 for a bottle and a regulator sounds like
> a bargain to me!
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