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Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Mon Aug 4 11:29:14 CDT 2003

On Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 11:01:16AM -0500, Steve Hatle wrote:
> On 8/4/03 10:46 AM, "Kurt Huhn" <kurt at k-huhn.com> wrote:
> > Failing that, grab an air tank (you can get these at any large hardware
> > store) and fill it at your local gas station.  You'll probably get just
> > as much air in in a mid-size tank as you would in a typical can of air.
> > Plus, for about $30 you can re-use it indefinitely - and refills will
> > only cost 50 cents tops.
> > 
> Typical gas station air is full of water and other contaminants. Take it
> from the guy who did service on our compressor at the gas station back in
> high school <grin>
> Most modelers I know who have compressor driven air brushes still use a
> water trap to capture moisture that can come from condensation, etc.

Make that a water trap and an oil/particulates filter.

> Is there any concern from static generation from high pressure air streams?
> IIRC from reading a can of the "computer cleaner" compressed air that it was
> treated/de-ionized/something to make it safe for "sensitive electronics".
> Could be marketing bull for all I know.  .  .

It's marketing bullshit.  How's air in a *metal can* going to hold a
static charge?

(Yeah, I know, with a little ingenuity you could possibly rig an air can
 so that you could charge the whole thing up like a capacitor.  But the
 air coming out would still be electrically neutral.  It'd be acting as
 dielectric, not as charge carrier.)

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