[rescue] good spring cleaning

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Mon Aug 4 10:57:41 CDT 2003

>>I use a lot of compressed air for an individual user, and I'm really
>>sick of paying high $$$ for it.
>>Has anyone figured out a cheaper solution that actually works?
>>Even a quiet and small compressor with the right tools would be fine,
>>but most that I know of are either very noisy or they would blow holes
>>in the motherboard.
> Yep.
> Get a small compressor and an "air pig" (that is what they are called
> around here anyways).  An air pig is a can that holds air and looks
> sort of like a small propane tank you would use for a gas grill.  Use
> the compressor to fill the tank, then us e the tank as your air
> source.  If you look around you can find all the parts relatively
> cheaply; not sure what the compressor will cost you though.
Before I bought a compressor for my airbrush, I bought a brand new, 
empty LP tank (never been used), fitted it with an old valve from an 
auto tire and filled it up at the local gas station. That was, of 
course, in the "old days" when air was free. ;-)


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