[rescue] T-Mobile (was: Re: any tricks for installing/removing ram from sparc10s?)

Thomas Gallaway tgallaway at comcast.net
Mon Aug 4 10:04:29 CDT 2003

T-Mobile used to be very good. But just recently they started to suck a 
bit. Weird things on my reception, not beeing able to make calls and 
just weird stuff. Have to see how it goes.  Also when I wanted a new 
phone they insisted on extending my plan to 1 year.

On Monday, August 4, 2003, at 07:34 AM, sammy ominsky wrote:

> On Monday, August 4, 2003, at 11:18 AM, N. Miller wrote:
>> T-Mo is the only other company that will allow you to upgrade your
>> sevice without tacking on an extension.
> T-Mobile has let me change my plan(s) up, down and sideways as 
> frequently as I like for no additional cost or contract extension. 
> After having been with just about every other provider available over 
> the years, I'm not switching again. They've got me for the duration. 
> (I say that now, anyway.)
> ---sambo
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