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Mon Aug 4 09:22:25 CDT 2003

On Sun, Aug 03, 2003 at 10:57:10AM +0200, Frank Van Damme wrote:

> Serial ata is still ata? It was not supposed to be scsi. It's better then
> ide for sure, but reonventing scsi wouldn't have had a point I think. Serial
> ata still doesn't have command scheduling on the drive, or the ability to
> send multiple commands at a time like scsi (afaik), but at least they got
> rid of the short cables, the master-slave stuff etc.

Oh, I realize that... but then, isn't that what IDE has slowly been
doing? Catching up with the 80s?

> Besides, as far as I am aware, the next thing to come about is serial scsi.
> This might actually be interesting.

Yeah, that does sound interesting.

Hopefully it will be cheap like the IDE stuff.

I wish the drive companies would quite playing pricing games with SCSI too.

However, I have noticed that the gap between SCSI and IDE is down a bit,
especially if you are willing to wait for things to show up on eBay or
other discount places. SCSI still needs to come down though, I think
some of the gap is still artificial.

One nice thing about SCSI is that companies which ship the drives in
systems and RAID, seem to dump their inventory frequently to make room
for the latest and greatest. I think that is where a lot of the eBay and
other cheap SCSI drives are coming from.

I've snagged 18GB drives, brand new and high-end, for $25 each before.

They are not as big as the IDE drives, but I almost never need to put
anything bigger than 18GB in a system.

The drawback now is getting decent SCSI cases that aren't $100 or more.

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