[rescue] almost free stuff i need to get moved to a good home..

Kay sunfriek at ussonet.net
Sun Aug 3 20:27:31 CDT 2003

i got some stuff that needs a new home , stuff ive aquired via buying pallet
loads of stuff. and will never use and dont want to throw away ... im
offering it to the rescue group before i dump it .. if you dont like my
price , suggest something more your liking or trade me something.

Bay networks 5000 switch .. 36 port 10-base-T       $10?
wyse 30 monitor and keyboard                                 $20
dlink 8 port 10-base-T hub                                       $2
Lots of LX/classic Bases                                           $8 each
3com switch 1000                                                     $10
3com 24-port hub                                                      $7

got lots of other goodies i need to get rid of , inquire offlist ..


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