[rescue] PS/2 9595

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Sun Aug 3 20:04:49 CDT 2003

So, I finally got around to playing with the IBM 9595 I have here. It's 
only a 486, but Sridhar and a few others convinced me to look at it's 
interesting points.

I have configured the MCA cards. (Mostly. Seems to choke once in a while 
on the DE 210 NIC.) I am hoping to make it a token ring/ethernet router 
among other things. (I was going to do this with a 6611 router, but the 
software will apparently not let me configure the built-in ethernet on 
it... Another story...)

I wanted to load NetBSD on it. I wanted something lightweight and 
useful. (I recently installed NetBSD on a 75MHz laptop over ethernet. 
Slick.) Evidently NetBSD doesn't support the IBM SCSI adapter with cache 
in this box. Booting with floppies I end up in the install, but with no 
disk to install on. Bummer.

Struck out with the other two BSDs, too; one didn't support MCA at all.

Finally I loaded Linux on it. MCA support works fine; SCSI works well 
for CDROM and disk.

Now I can't seem to get the DE 210 module to load. I even fed it the 
ioport, irq and so on. Then I read the source and discovered that 
anything but ioport on the command line is ignored and it goes with the 
MCA configuration information.

SO... Any tips on NetBSD support for the IBM SCSI adapter with cache, or 
tips/suggestions on compiling/loading the Linux module??

Pretty fast box for a 486; I think it is worth playing with...


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