[rescue] any tricks for installing/removing ram from sparc10s?

N. Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Sun Aug 3 01:41:39 CDT 2003

On 02 Aug 2003 15:11:01 -0700, "Daniel de Young" <daniel at velvetsea.com>

> First I'll state that I'm not a wireless analyst, insider, or in any way
> affiliated with the industry except as a customer.  Basically I don't
> know what I'm talking about :-)

:-) Most insider's don't either, from what I can tell.  All they know 
how to do is sell. :-)

> I'd be afraid of getting into bed (exclusively) with them right now. 
> AT&T (and others) are about to roll out there 2-way.  It's too bad
> because now that "certain" companies have paid for Motorola to work all
> the bugs out of there system, they're gonna sell a bunch of equipment
> and service to the "big boys" and take the profit out for the little
> guy.  How can they compete with the coverage and much lower cell rates? 
> However, for a shop that specializes in resale of different carrier's
> 2-way systems and all the nasty details involved who can target
> businesses and build good relationships with them... this is probably
> the perfect time to get into it!  It's probably going to explode!
> Hope I'm not stepping on anybody's toes :/

Toes?  I'm not silly enough to by a 'factory' store that deals with one
service only.  We carry 4, and may add Verizon.  However, I think
all this hoopla is just that.  Most of the other carriers do not have the
specialized network equipment to do what Nextel does.  Motorola, as
far as I am aware, is not providing the equipment for the other guys'
two way service--I believe they have an exclusive arrangement with
Nextel on DC.  

Test metrics on the other guys' (specifically, Sprint) 2-way also shows
that it can take up to two minutes to establish a point-to-point
which is problematic when the statistics show that the majority of Direct 
Connect calls are a mere 45 seconds in length.

And, with Nextel beating everyone to the punch on Nationwide DC
(including Hawaii) and, they somehow managed to trademark *walkie-
talkie* for use with cell phones, I don't think the competition will be 
catching up any time soon.

I mean, what's the difference b/w DC and T-Mobile or Cingular
offering free T-Mo->T-Mo calls or Cing->Cing calls?  Nothing, really,
except that you have to dial, and you can broadcast to a group (which
is the real benefit of DC for businesses like construction).

Nextel may be small fry compared to SBC (Cingular) or AT&T, but in
the business cell phone world, they are an 800lb gorilla.  The money
in the cell phone biz is in business, not consumer, and Nextel has
a good chunk of that market already.

  N. Miller
  vraptor at promessage.com

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