[rescue] any tricks for installing/removing ram from sparc10s?

N. Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Sun Aug 3 02:22:26 CDT 2003

On 02 Aug 2003 15:48:35 -0700, "Daniel de Young" <daniel at velvetsea.com>
> Don't even mention the "V" word around me!  Those bastards had a knack
> for accidentally changing my plan from 1000+ minutes to the minimum and
> then sending me a $750 bill.  They did that to me twice!!!  Needless to
> say I dumped their stupid crap service.

In spite of what Consumer Reports says, I think it's really a case of
being the "strongest ant"--all cell phone customer service, etc. sucks
at some point or another.
> I got ATT now.  I'm not going to sing their praises, but at least their
> billing is correct.  My t68i is okay (albeit uncomfortable) and I can
> hook my laptop up via bluetooth or browse with my handspring via IR.  I
> don't use it as much as I thought because with almost a full second
> latency, interactive sessions like ssh are friggin tedious and good for
> worst case scenarios only.  I had visions of the glory of sitting at the
> local coffee shop and checking up on my boxes and routers while sipping
> caffinated goodness!!!

A little bit about data services...it goes across GPRS (like pagers). 
signal means better response time.  Danger improves latency on GPRS 
further for their Hiptop (aka T-Mo Sidekick or SK) by using a proprietary 
compression system.  

What's the bandwidth on bluetooth?  Could you be adding latency with
it?  I know that you would be with IrDA with the Palm.  Does that set
up require data services through AT&T?

Since Bill is interested, and I know Dave has an SK already, I'll go a 
little further in explaining Danger's model.

All data you browse on the SK goes through their servers.  This is 
generally good.  However, if their infrastructure goes down, you have 
no data service.  And, if you happen to have your SK crash, while 
their servers are down, you are SOL--you will not get to use anything 
on your SK until their servers come back up (no local data storage 
on the SK). 

If I had designed this business, I wouldn't have bothered with the Side-
kick.  I would have sold the service alone (better profit margin, less
hassle).  I sell you an app you install on your Internet enabled phone,
and you go through my servers and get compression to speed your
data service.  This could be paid for by the customer (bandwidth 
based) or included with your data package by your cell phone service 
provider.  My servers go down, you can go into set up and shut off 
compression, and still use the GPRS; storage of data is left to the 
OS on the phone or PDA.

Uh, oh, there I go giving away ideas...where *did* I put my business
SWAT team?

> Oh well...  I guess I watched too much science fiction in my youth.

Apparently I did too.  What I want to know is why they left me on this
dirtball...I must have done something really bad.

  N. Miller
  vraptor at promessage.com

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