[rescue] any tricks for installing/removing ram from sparc10s?

Daniel de Young daniel at velvetsea.com
Sat Aug 2 17:51:00 CDT 2003

On Sat, 2003-08-02 at 15:24, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:

> $77/mo (after taxes and fees) gets me:
>    * Free unlimited incoming calls.
>    * Free unlimited night & weekend calls.
>    * Free long distance.
>    * 500 minutes during peak hours.
>    * Wireless web and email.
>    * Unlimited two-way minutes that work "nation-wide".
>    * Callier ID, voicemail, and all the other standard stuff.

That's a *much* better deal that they had going not too long ago!

> As for coverage, I got better coverage in Northern California than my
> fiancee's Verizon phone did.  About 50 miles outside of Redding into the
> mountains, I finally lost service.
> BTW, we're talking about Nextel, if anyone hasn't figured it out. :)

Don't even mention the "V" word around me!  Those bastards had a knack
for accidentally changing my plan from 1000+ minutes to the minimum and
then sending me a $750 bill.  They did that to me twice!!!  Needless to
say I dumped their stupid crap service.

I got ATT now.  I'm not going to sing their praises, but at least their
billing is correct.  My t68i is okay (albeit uncomfortable) and I can
hook my laptop up via bluetooth or browse with my handspring via IR.  I
don't use it as much as I thought because with almost a full second
latency, interactive sessions like ssh are friggin tedious and good for
worst case scenarios only.  I had visions of the glory of sitting at the
local coffee shop and checking up on my boxes and routers while sipping
caffinated goodness!!!

Oh well...  I guess I watched too much science fiction in my youth.


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