[rescue] any tricks for installing/removing ram from sparc10s?

Daniel de Young daniel at velvetsea.com
Sat Aug 2 17:13:26 CDT 2003

On Sat, 2003-08-02 at 14:42, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> On Sat, 2 Aug 2003, N. Miller wrote:
> > I like the "hook" idea, too.  I did something like that recently
> > when reassembling an Moto i95c for a customer (vanity shell) to get
> Yikes!  Those things are -tiny- and complicated.  I have an i90 and love
> it.  At least we know whom you sell cell service for now. :)
> I'd have ordered it through you, if I'd have known that.

First I'll state that I'm not a wireless analyst, insider, or in any way
affiliated with the industry except as a customer.  Basically I don't
know what I'm talking about :-)


I'd be afraid of getting into bed (exclusively) with them right now. 
AT&T (and others) are about to roll out there 2-way.  It's too bad
because now that "certain" companies have paid for Motorola to work all
the bugs out of there system, they're gonna sell a bunch of equipment
and service to the "big boys" and take the profit out for the little
guy.  How can they compete with the coverage and much lower cell rates? 
However, for a shop that specializes in resale of different carrier's
2-way systems and all the nasty details involved who can target
businesses and build good relationships with them... this is probably
the perfect time to get into it!  It's probably going to explode!

Hope I'm not stepping on anybody's toes :/


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